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Homo sapiens mysticus
Homo Sapiens Mysticus
All About the Fae
by Dr. Dorian Astrapios
& Dr. Natalie Carzzano
The nature of the Fae is a complex one. This is an attempt to explain everything Fae from a scientific perspective rather than a superstitious one. Both Humans and Fae are part of the same greater species called Homo sapiens. We need to understand how that fits together. Regardless of what we are, it is who we are that makes a difference. So whether you are Fae or Human please give this a read.

This is a book of lore for the Dorian Astrapios Series and Universe as written by Richard Vigorelli. This bestiary is an in-universe book and explains many but not all of the rules that govern the named and unnamed characters. Richard takes a largely scientific examination of what it would take for the Fae to exist. This book may be updated in the future. Perhaps you could contribute.
Fae Earth
Fae Earth
The Alternate History of Earth from the World of the Dorian Astrapios Series
While the genre of alternate history is nothing new, the inclusion of a second species of human is not common. This book takes a look at what the world would be like if the Fae from the Dorian Astrapios Series were real. While the broad strokes of history are essentially the same, there are many events and people that are completely changed. There are many differences in countries, religions, and demographics from our own world.

What would the world be like if Napoleon never fell in France? What if Germany never became a country? What if the fall of the USSR was more dramatic? All of these and more are found within. This book also explains the various elements of lore found in The Hidden Race.

Additionally, If you are a fanfiction writer, take a look at the back of the book.
The Hidden Race
The Hidden Race
Book 1 of the Dorian Astrapios Series

Dorian Astrapios is a skeptic regarding any mystical cause of his ability to shoot lightning from his fingertips. He became a geneticist because he assumed that there must be a genetic basis. In the course of researching his wondrous abilities he is pulled into a murder mystery with his best friend and business partner Natalie, where the victim shows no outward causes of death. He soon finds a serial killer with their own set of abilities. As Dorian struggles to reconcile his own existence with his knowledge of science, he’s forced into a race against time to bring this serial killer to justice before more innocents die.


The city of Kidron is a hotbed of strange things and people that are not like everyone else. They are the Fae and they live next door.

Stone Cutter
Stone Cutter
Book 2 of the Dorian Astrapios Series

In the aftermath of Dorian cutting the stone in the desert outside of Kidron City, he and Lena along with their friend Natalie discover fame and fortune. Everything comes with a price. A new evil stirs, and war becomes certain. Will Dorian and his friends be able to stop this new agent of chaos from destroying the world? Are they even fighting the right battle?

rules of profit
Rules of Profit
How to do Business and Not Get Cheated

These are 81 rules that I have personally learned in doing business with people. The world is a dangerous place and everyone will try to take you down. It is by using these rules that I base all my interactions on.

the science of magic
The Science of Magic

What defines science? What defines technology? What defines magic? In this book I will show that magic is a type of science, because as long as the rules are followed it can be replicated. This is a lead in for a series I am writing about a world where magic is real and our civilizations have fallen.

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