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Meet Richard Vigorelli

Richard Vigorelli
I was born and raised in the Salt Lake City area of Utah. I spent a lot of years in mountains and deserts usually within about a two hour drive from my home. I graduated from Jordan High in Sandy in 2002; one of the oldest schools in the state. I went to Westminster College in Salt Lake City and graduated in 2006 with a BS in Finance. 
In Winter 2009, I moved to California, and almost died. Long story. I started grad school that summer at Emperor's College and graduated in 2014 with a Master's in Chinese Medicine. 
I suppose I have always been a writer of some kind. I wrote my first story when I was seven for a contest called Reflections. It was nothing special. Only a few hundred words. I actually won an award for it for using the word "diagnostic" correctly in a sentence. I actually had no idea what it actually meant, I had just heard it on Star Trek and I thought it was cool. 

I've always had an imagination. However, I'm very logical about it. I tend to build things in an almost excessive fashion. Many of my teachers and reviewers have actually told me to ease it back and write the story. Of course, these are also the people that say descriptions, dialog, and narration are bad for a book. I roll my eyes at that. Writers like Tolkien, Stan Lee, Rowling, and Martin have very deep and intense worlds that feel real because of how much is in them. You don't gain a fandom with just some story; the universe that frames the story is what other people write about.

So, if you are reading this and you want to build a world for whatever you are writing, do it. Just please make it contextually logical within your story. Consistency and continuity are not polite suggestions.

And thank you for coming to my Tedtalk. 

I'm not the kind of person who ever sits still. I always have to be doing something. Whether I am creating something, like this web page, or working on something that cannot be finished only abandoned like my garden. Some would say it's a personality flaw, I disagree. Click one of the links, and learn about how I think and what I like to do.

One last thing. Most of what I watch is found on YouTube. I am a huge fan of Critical Drinker (@TheCriticalDri2), Shadiversity (@shadmbrooks), MauLer (@MauLer93), Nerdrotic (@Nerdrotics), and Literature Devil among others. I actually credit these channels along with men like Eric July (@EricDJuly) and women like That Star Wars Girl (@thatstarwarsgrl) for helping me to improve my writing and outlook on the world. Thank you all for this. ALL HAIL THE FELLOWSHIP AND ALL HAIL #FNT #wewillwin

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