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I am a gamer. I love disconnecting from reality and gaining some sort of false accomplishment by doing a thing. I'm a fan of just about any kind of game. PC is my go to, because I don't necessarily need anyone to play with like a board game or a card game. I'm not a fan of console because I once upon a time had an addiction, and I got nothing done in my life. A computer game is a lot easier to shut off, especially when it crashes. Skyrim I'm looking at you.

I grew up playing board games with my family until I was about 10 when for some reason, whenever I wanted to play everyone was just busy. I got my first console on my 8th birthday. It was a Sega Genesis, and I loved it. It gave me a chance to play without needing anyone. Sadly, my parents had terrible taste in games, and I couldn't buy my own, so a lot of what I got was not that good. Also we were poor, so I didn't have much of a selection. Very sad I know. 

When I got older I made friends with guys who had better games and better consoles, like they were modern tech. I eventually bought a refurbished PS2, and my addiction began. Right after college, I tossed out all of my consoles and did not play a single game until I moved to Los Angeles and bought my first copy of Civ; it was version 4. Loved it! Still love the series and currently, I'm playing Civ 6. So much fun!

I prefer games of strategy. So, puzzles and anything where I have to out-compete an AI is just a blast for me. I have found however, that many people that like to game tend to not be too social. So, playing with them is a bit of an issue. That being said, if you are easy to get along with and can take a joke, I'm very happy to play any sort of game. 

I do like RPGs. So, D&D is a thing for me. I prefer to play as a paladin, because that is most like my personality. However, if a ranged character is going to be better strategically, then there we are. Thanks to the Spiffing Brit, I completed a god-build in Skyrim and took out the entire population of the game. That took some time.

I am also a huge fan of building games. So, Cities Skylines, Two Point Hospital, and other such games are on my system. It's fun when I just want to decompress and not think too hard but still think. I tend to go until either I can do no more, or my computer crashes, which ever comes first.

I tend to game when I need to release some stress, or I just want to disconnect. The issue is when I don't complete something that I need to such as staying on schedule to complete a work. So, if I find that I'm gaming too much I tend to set an alarm for an hour and when it goes off, I'm done regardless of what is happening. 

Currently, when I actually do have someone to play with, I love playing board games and card games. I do like poker, and I am well versed in many different kinds. That's right dear Dorothy, there is more to the world of cards beyond Texas Hold'em. 

Maybe one day, we can play together. See you then.

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