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Projects In Process

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I am always in the process of writing something. Currently, I have several active projects with my main focus being the completion and release of third novel of the Dorian Astrapios Series. 

I still have no title for the third novel.

I do have another standalone book that I am working on. It is based on a short story that I wrote in high school called Ashen Soul. I have no idea when I will be completing this work.

I also have a series that I am working on based on a game concept that I created in 2010. It is a post-apocalyptic where the world is destroyed by a man-made plague. Prophetic I know. Everything falls apart and the world eventually moves on with new nations rising from the remnants of our civilizations. It is called The Fourth Age

I am in the process of writing a conlang. It is based on Germanic syntax with a Semitic-style set of sounds. With all the work that I have been doing with the Dorian Astrapios Series and Universe, I have had to place this on the backburner until I have the time to devote to it.

I am in the pre-write phase of a new book that will explain how to use Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui. The book will go into detail about how to build a chart and apply it in such a way that it will be applicable for any culture. That means you don't have to use Chinese or even Asian stuff to have a nice place to live and take advantage of the flow of time and space.

If you would like to submit fanfiction, I am open to such submissions. However, its acceptance is dependent on certain criteria. Please to the contact page via this button for more information. 

Talk to you soon. 

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