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So, given that I'm calling this "Lifestyle" I bet you think I'm going to come out and say that I'm gay or something. Wrong. First of all, not all people who are creative are homosexual. Secondly, there is nothing wrong with being anything. Thirdly, I'm hetero, deal with it.

Now that that's out of the way, this is about how I live my life and some things that I believe in.

Before I get started, I'm not going to go into what religion I do or do not believe in. I'm also not going to soap box about what ever politics I'm passionate about. I do believe that those things are a person's private thoughts and they are pointless to talk about. I am not saying this because I don't want to cause some kind of controversy or whatever, I'm saying it because it usually does more harm than good. I am tired of the "with us or against us" mentality, and I understand that people are people. If you give them a chance they just might be good to you.

In my day to day, I actually work in medicine. I'm an acupuncturist and master herbalist. You can read all about it here. Honestly, it is the best job I have ever had.

I love animals. Mostly, I love cats, but I do get along with dogs pretty well. I have a soft spot for helping, and I have saved the lives of two small birds; one was a chickadee, and the other was feather-footed dove. I think raptors are awesome, and I actually feel good when I see a falcon or a hawk soaring by home. That is unless I have my cat outside. Routinely, when I'm in the back country, I come across wild animals of all kinds and I give them space. It is there house, I'm just visiting and I need to show some respect. I have also found that if you speak to an animal with respect, they tend to be pretty nice...usually.

I do love the outdoors. I like to hike. I'm not against hunting, I just don't want to go. I have no problems eating meat, I actually love wild game. Rabbit, deer, and elk are some of my favorites. I am a gardener. I love raising my own food and harvesting it. I actually have several fruit trees and I make it a point to plant as much as I can every year. Also, I hate gophers. Damn things.

I also cook. I make a mean steak. I can make a pasta sauce like no body's business. My breakfasts are excellent. Ask anyone. I have been cooking since I was a kid, and it is my preferred means of getting food. This way I know what is in it. Also, it's fun. You should try my Paia. My ful ain't bad either. I can't bake, though, don't know why. I have literally made a cake, and from a box no less, that was so hard it actually held the knife when I tried to cut in. I'm decent with a roast, but I cannot make lasagna. 

So, that's about all. See you around.

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