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As a writer it pays to have a healthy appreciation for various kinds of entertainment. Now, before we continue please get your mind out of the gutter. Now that we have that out of the way, I like television, books, movies, and music.

I tend to watch what I like to write. So, in the worlds of the large and small screens, I will watch just about anything. I'm not exactly a fan of horror, but I do enjoy a good psych-thriller, Seven for instance. Since I write sci-fi/fantasy, I do tend to watch it a lot. Also, that is what is common now days. I'm okay with procedurals; they do help with some parts of getting a plot to function, but I tend to get bored easily with them. I'm not so much into the straight action type shows, because they tend to not actually have a plot or any actual depth what-so-ever. So, buddy-cops and buddy-thief shows tend to cause an eye roll with me. Mysteries need to make sense and they need to not be predictable. That means this is a very difficult genre to write. 

As far as books go, I tend to read stories that are old. I love the ancient religious writings--you probably call them myths. I also have a soft spot for the romantics. Ironic since I am actually a realist and a bit cynical. One modern series that I did enjoy is Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. She actually helped me learn how to describe things better. I did read the Magicians by Lev Grossman, and I don't say this a lot, but the show was better. A lot of the other stuff I read is probably kind of dry for the average person seeing as how they are medical and other such intellectual things.

I listen to a lot of music from many different time periods. One of my favorites when I am super stressed out and feeling really upset is Gregorian chants. I find them very calming. My drive-around music and my background music are usually country and various forms of rock. I also often write to music. Depending on the scene that I'm writing, it will influence my choice. Everyday life tends to make me listen to country or rock. I have also listened to folk music from various countries and cultures. I would say that most of the parts involving Natalie in Book 1 were written to nineties pop and just a scooch of rap. 

I hate reality TV. I believe it to be the major cause of the lack of new and interesting things that are coming out. It would not break my heart if all the reality and talent show BS just simply disappeared one day. So, if you agree with me, and you like to write and have a great idea for a show please do what you can to get it produced. Please do. Also, if you are a producer and reading this, PLEASE PRODUCE SOMETHING THAT IS WORTH WATCHING AND ACTUALLY CONTRIBUTES TO SOCIETY AND DOESN'T PUSH YOUR POLITICAL AGENDA! 

Thank you.

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